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17-13 oz bags Rice, Fruit N' Veggies Plus One Bag Free

Part Number ID103-CG-
17-13 oz bags Rice, Fruit N' Veggies Plus One Bag Free
17-13 oz bags Rice, Fruit N' Veggies Plus One Bag Free
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Grain Variety
White [+$114.25]
Basmati [+$122.75]
17 bags plus 1 free bag! Great for first-timers! Some pugs may not have encountered real quality food before! Our Rice, Veggies N' Fruit Ready-to-Cook formula is very popular with picky eaters & will get them started on a healthy diet.

Pre-measured 13oz "green" bag for quick easy pour! Disposable for recycling!

Make up a batch and it can last up to 5-7 days (depending on number of pets & sizes)!

You don't have to cook this formula everyday--cook once and you will have a batch ready to serve each day of the best pug food!

Ingredients: Rice*, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, broccoli, cranberries.
Each bag pre-measured for exact and quick cooking.
Packed in Kraft Biodegradable Made in USA bags!

* Rice varieties are: White (listed price), with Basmati and Brown options (when available).

As a general basis on grain varieties regarding health*:
White rice: especially good for non-diabetic seniors, IBS and all ages, easily chewable and digestible.
Basmati rice: more nutritious than white, more chewable and digestible than brown, great Glycemic Index (for blood sugar levels).
Brown rice: somewhat more nutritious than Basmati. slightly less chewable and digestible than Basmati, as good as Glycemic Index as Basmati
*Not to be construed as medical advice, consult with your health professional if in doubt.

If a variety becomes out of stock, we will notify you upon ordering and will ask you for a substitute. See more info on feeding your pug different varieties of rice here, or go back to the formulas page and under the Rice Veggies N'Fruit formulas read the info there.
If you are okay with a substitution, please add that note in the order. Thank you.